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The FERRIS Propane Powered IS® 3100ZP
Many cities have banned the use of gasoline fueled commercial mowers before 1pm on “Ozone Action Days .”The FERRIS Propane Powered IS® 3100ZP meets all emission requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency. Propane power paired with Ferris’ patented suspension technology makes this machine an attractive package!
A clean cut at fast speeds. A smooth ride regardless the terrain. Strong frames composed of laser-cut Grade 50, 7-gauge steel. There are many reasons why EverRide is a ride like no other.
Kawasaki Outdoor Power
What makes Kawasaki Engines start better, perform better and last longer? Simply put, it's the superiority of Kawasaki engineering, design and technology. That engineering excellence goes into everything we do, from powerful engines to versatile handheld power products.
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